Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beach Life

At Mirissa beach we rented a beautiful green cabana with a perfect view...and fled from "Sudu Weli" two days later (long story!). We found peace just a few meters down the beach at "Surf Sea Breeze", a small little paradise of its own. Mirissa easily kept us hooked longer than intended. Our favorite roti shop is just across the street where our coconut man sells. And the sunsets from parrot rock are amazing. Mirissa was like a class reunion where I met all kinds of travelers from my trip again. That's when I knew I had been on the island for a while. All the beautiful moments, check them out:


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Spent a day at Unawatuna Beach, very close to Fort Galle, just to have seen it:

As expected there were too many tourists and too little space. At times, the restaurants were built so close to the water, the waves were touching the building. This beach was a big shock to me after the peaceful weeks at the east coast in Trinco and Abay and the tranquility of the wide beaches in Tangalle.

But Unawatuna will forever remain a memory because of our trekking to Jungle Beach. Off to a light morning walk, how little we knew that we would really have to cross the jungle to reach that beach! And me in flip-flops... We could not identify the sounds of the wild animals we heard. It just made us walk faster. And the fear of snakes let us use the white cane technique. Two young ladies walking through the wild. Totally unplanned and remember, this was before breakfast! Finally having reached Jungle Beach, after a dip in the sea, we were glad that a motorboat with diving tourists arrived and offered to give us a lift back. We were more than happy to tip the captain. If you are looking for a trekking adventure, try to find your way to Jungle Beach, but it is definitely not recommended on your own!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Experienced Fort Galle

...the first moments walking down the empty streets were almost eerie
...but as the sun set and the rain splashed on my toes, the magic started
...a place unlike any other in Sri Lanka
...where history and modern life seem to harmonise
...so much so we did not want to cross the thick fort walls anymore.

See for yourself: